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The Beatles fans hanging around EMI’s recording studio - July 1, 1963


It’s Throwback Thursday! Let’s revisit the insanity of a ‘typical’ day in the life of The Beatles, in the opening titles for Richard Lester’s 1964 film A Hard Day’s Night.

A Hard Day’s Night on Art of the Title

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Scanned from the April 1991 issue of BBM

Is your last name Vollmer?? It's mine too :D (idk if it's a common name where you are but it's really not here so yeah haha idk why I decided to message you I was just excited about my last name have a nice night Lily)

That’s so cool! This blog is named after the super cool exi Jurgen Vollmer, so my last name isn’t Vollmer but it’s a little similar (ie. v German) but I obviously can’t post that on here :/ I’m jealous of your name! I haven’t met anyone with that name yet

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how was I not following this blog? Stay groovy. ;)

thanks doll! =)

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From Ringo’s new book ”Photograph”.